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Blessed with 3 special ones

living and loving; autism and deafness' live journal

Blessed with Three
22 February 1965
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I am a mom of three children, all of whom have a special need at this time. I have used this journal the past few years as an outlet for many things, especially the struggles we've had with our oldest son's autism and behaviors. I used to journal daily in junior/high school. I have been writing all my life basically but life has gotten very very busy! I am married to a wonderful guy and we both enjoy music, writing, the outdoors, and just relaxing with our kids. Our oldest son has autism (15 1/2) and severe/profound hearing loss (just diagnosed on July 29, 2005 to our shock), our daughter (12) has ADHD, and mild Asperger's Syndrome (which we question), and our preschooler (4) has been diagnosed with a speech delay and most recently hearing loss about 40% in both ears. Ryan now has hearing aides, but the challenge is putting them in and having him leave them in (not happening, yet). Chris may also be getting cochlear implants.

Then in 05/06 I just found out I have moderate hearing loss myself and am awaiting hearing aides.

Life is challenging but rewarding, and we have a strong faith in Jesus Christ that roots us and gives us hope.

I am a SAHM after working from 1988 until 2003 either outside the home or in the home doing a form of transcription or typing. I had been planning as soon as possible to attend school to become a music therapist. But right now my kids need me full time! I have put school on hold indefinitely. I am blessed to be able to be a SAHM. In Jan. 06 I added back a small amount of transcription at home.

I lost 18 pounds in 04 on the South Beach Diet, but gained 15 back when I quit dieting (DUH!). I was back down 17 in 05 but gained 8 back. Now I've lost 2!

My husband and I had been considering moving from NE Ohio to North Carolina, most likely the Charlotte/Gastonia area. But we kept putting it off as our children are very well rooted right now. We found a house only 2 miles away, and we have lived here for 7 months now (May of 06). Finally went from a 980 square foot house, no basement, garage, or upstairs, with 5 people), to a total of about 3000 square feet between the main floor and a nice finished basement!

Unfortunately we have no pets - our sweet spice died February 16, 06, bless her heart (made it over one year!)


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